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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

1,000 Dead -- How Do You Sleep Mr. Bush?
Watching TV, the anchorman says, "A milestone tonight, the 1,000th American soldier to die in Iraq." 13 soldiers have died in the past two days. We don't know how many Iraqi civilians have died in the bombing of Fallujah and Sadr City today, but hey, they're just Iraqis! All this killing, for what?Bush now comes on the screen. His shirt is soaked with sweat. It is most days. Have you noticed this? Yes, we are men, and yes, we sweat, but man, this guy is drenched. I feel bad for him. He is not really up to the job of executioner (although it seemed so easy with his death row rat-a-tat-tat back in Texas).Even though he himself doesn't have to pull the trigger, he knows what his actions have wrought and he sweats the sweat of a man in deep fear that he has doomed not only himself but countless Americans. Men who tell lies sweat like that. Men who cheat sweat like that. But in order to sweat like that you have to have a conscience, an active conscience, a present conscience, a voice that is always there to tell you that you are in violation of some greater law and order. Mr. Bush, his conscience still with him, and his shirt still wet, a thousand Americans now dead for no good reason other than they were willing to trust their commander-in-chief and promised to do whatever was necessary to protect you and me. I honor each and every one of the 1,000 for that, I grieve for them and their families, and I pray that Mr. Bush lies in a bed tonight, his sheets drenched not with sweat but with tears for those young men and women whom he consigned to their deaths.Later today (Wed.), the Boston Globe, the A.P. and Dan Rather all present new and damning information about how George W. Bush got moved to the front of the line to get in the Texas Air National Guard, and how he then went AWOL. I am putting every ounce of trust I have in my fellow Americans that a majority of them get this, get the injustice of it all, and get the sad, sick twisted irony of how it relates very, very much to our precious Election 2004.

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